F you have Q's, we have A's

Where is your ice cream made?

All of our business comes together in our little corner of Edmonton! We are a home based company with the two of us doing everything from shopping to cooking to packaging and delivery!

What goes in to the Ice Cream?

We pride ourselves in making real ice cream from whole ingredients. Albertan cream and milk, and eggs. Organic cane sugar. No artificial sweeteners, or colours - unless we are incorporating a favourite element - such as marshmallows! 
As far as our non-dairy varieties, it is simply coconut milk that we use for a base.  

What kind of sweeteners do you use?

All our ice creams are sweetened with pure organic cane sugar.  We have also used honey or maple syrup, but we have never and will never use artificial sweeteners! 

What about non-dairy options?

Yes! We do make some amazing flavours using coconut milk, for a delicious lactose-free (and totally vegan) experience! With coconut milk, we don't need to include the laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients we have seen on some other non-dairy brands. Note that coconut milk contains guar gum, which is a natural stabilizer made of beans. 

How long can I keep it in my freezer?

Our Ice Cream is natural and preservative free, so it is best if enjoyed within six weeks.  But let's be real, it's not going to stick around that long.

I'm not vegan! How am I supposed to enjoy a vegan flavour?

We won't tell anyone if you don't! Just kidding. Our coconut based flavours are actually pretty awesome, and many people don't even realize (or believe) it is a substitute. Don't worry, you'll love it.

I have an allergy to (nuts, gluten, strawberries, etc.), is the ice cream safe for me?

While we do take precautions, our kitchen does sometimes use flour, peanuts, and other sensitive ingredients.  So while we do our best, we can not 100% guarantee it. Unless you are allergic to fish, like me. Then you are good to go.

Your containers say "Ice Cream". Why doesn't [REDACTED] say "Ice Cream" on their cartons?

Legally, Ice Cream needs to have a minimum amount of milk fat, and less than 50% air content. If it says something like "Frozen dairy confectionary", than you may want to wonder why. We think you made the right choice.

Where can I buy some?!?

Check out our Stockist page for an ever growing list of markets, eateries, and services that will get your your ice cream fix!

I know a bar/cafe/restaurant/shop/zoo/art gallery that should totally carry your stuff! What should I do?

Let them know! Ask them to look us up here, and tell us we should stop by for a visit!

Any other questions?

Send us a message via the platform of your choice through the icons bellow! We can't wait to hear from you!