ice cream for the

seasonally inspired × Crafted with Love


Naturally handmade ice cream + sorbet. 


At Revolution, we offer traditional frozen custard, as well as vegan and dairy-free options which make no compromises. No novelty, no tricks, just fabulous frozen treats. 

Prepared by hand in small batches, we churn with freshness at the forefront of our minds. We stand against unpronounceable ingredients, putting in the time to build texture without them. Our ice creams have a buttercream body, with bright and surprising flavours (we don’t use any synthetic flavouring, colouring, or off-the-shelf mixes).

Our flavors stand alone straight from the pint or melt perfectly into a fruit pie, birthday cake, crumble, crisp, or cookie—the perfect compliment to your dessert!

We believe that you can grow a business as a community of people with passion for the customer's experience, and get continuously better at the same time.

Ice Cream for the People is our passion.


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M-Th 9a–7P



Listen to John's Interview on CBC - Edmonton AM to learn more about us!

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